Our well-trained, experienced staff not only repair the bikes but offer full bike maintance and also satisfy the needs of professional and hobby raiders. "Trust factor" Wa are proud to work in collaboration with over 150 hotels, including 5 stars and party hostels. Safety: We provide a high quality padlock to all rented bikes and also a helmet to ensure security.


Service workprices

Tube swap 2500
Tyre swap 3500
Wheel building 8000
Wheel centering 2500
Spoke swap 2500
Cone adjustment 1500
Hub service 4000
Hub service 3000
Brake adjustment/piece 2500
Brake install 3000
Brake swap 3000
Brake lever (pair) swap 3000
Brake pad swap 2500
Cable swap 3000
Hydraulic disc brake install, swap 4000
Hydraulic disc brake repair 5000
Hydraulic disc brake adjustment 3000
Hydraulic disc brake swap 3000
Hydraulic disc brake straightening 2000
Hydraulic disc brake bleeding 5000 + oil
Derailleur adjustment/piece 3000
Derailleur ear fixing 4000
Derailleur swap/piece 4000
Shifter swap/piece 3000
Cable swap/piece 3000
Crank arms swap 4000
Bottom bracket swap 4000
Bottom bracket service 4000
Chainring swap 3500
Casette swap 4000
Chain swap 2000
Chain repair 2000
Chain cleaning 3000
Chain lubing 800
Pedal swap 1000
Drivetrain cleaning (full service) 6000
Headset adjustment 1500
Headset service 2000
Headset install 2000
Headset swap 4000
Handlebar swap 3500
Stem swap 2500
Handlebar tape install 3000
Grip install, swap 1000
Seatpost, seat swap 1000
Bicycle, frame
Great service with rigid fork 25000
Bike building 25000
Bike rebuilding 25000
Bike paiting RAL / 1 color 20000
Fork swap 6000
Bike cleaning 6000
New Bike assembly,with adjustment, garanty seal 15000
Bike packaging with cardbox 18000
Suspension fork service (elasto) coustom price
Suspension fork service (oil) coustom price
Rear shock service coustom price
Fender install 3000
Rack, basket install 3000
Childseat install 3500
Computer install with adjustment 2500
Lamp install 2000
Great General Sercive 25000
Other service prices 10000 / started hours
Bicycle storage 1000 / day
Fee for brought material 150%
The fees do not include the price of the parts, we reserve the right to change the price!
We can only undertake the repair of heavily soiled or dog-dirty bicycles after cleaning!