Terms & Conditions

  • Ticket/voucher has to be presented for redemption at the start of your tour, or „rent”. In order to redeem your voucher you must sign it with a valid photo identification (passport, ID, driving licence). Especially in case you have a discounted ticket or voucher. If you don’t have a valid identification you will kindly be asked to pay the difference on the spot
  • Tours run in all weather conditions. Based on this the fee is non-refundable
  • All participants have to know how to ride a bike and an E-Bike!
  • Free drink is only for the live guided tours!
  • Tours start on time, so if you are late we cannot wait for you. Based on this the fee is non-refundable.
  • The supplier is not responsible for unforeseen delays or accidents during tours!
  • The supplier reserves the right to make changes without prior notice and has the right to refuse service and / or ask the guest to leave the tour in extreme circumstances like: disturbance of other guests, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • By booking any of the programms we as the suppliers take no responsibility or liabilty for loss of life, money, objects, items or demages that occur prior to or after the event
  • Children under 5 years (max. 25 kg) may travel free of charge as long as they are accompanied by their parent on the same bike in a child seat.
  • The guest has to pay the ticket from Szentendre to Budapest on the spot, eighter use Riverboat or HÉV!
  • Please take care of all personal belongings while riding all times. The company cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, delay, unless to our employees’ negligence in which case our liability is limited to damages (except for death or personal injury) to a maximum of the refund or the ticket price.
  • Bike renting person is fully responsibe for rented bike - 250 EUR for stolen bike, 1.000 EUR for stolen E-bike - until time of returning. Incidental damag es must be refunded. Check „lost cost” list on our website!
  • In all guided tours participants are not able to visit the attrac- tions from inside, except Private tour and Szentendre tour, where we are visiting Szamos Museum Confectioner's.
  • Lost Costs List

    Caprine Wheelman 21 Gears 75000 HUF
    Tire 3000 HUF Break pads 300 HUF
    Pedal 800 HUF Break wires 300 HUF
    Seat 2500 HUF Forks 300 HUF
    Seat post 1200 HUF Bike rack 3000 HUF
    Seat quick release 500 HUF Frame 18000 HUF
    Chain 2000 HUF Kick stand 2000 HUF
    Crank 6000 HUF Bell 500 HUF
    Gear (outside) 400 HUF Lamps (front) 1500 HUF
    Spokes 100 HUF Lamps (back) 1500 HUF
    Handle grips 1000 HUF Reflectors 300 HUF
    Shifters 3000 HUF Fender 3000 HUF
    Break handles 2500 HUF Bottle holder 1000 HUF
    Breaks 3000 HUF Chain Guard 2000 HUF
    Rim 5000 HUF
    Other Items
    Lost / Damaged helmet 4000 HUF Lost / Damaged Lights 1200 HUF
    Lost Chain Lock 6000 HUF Lost / Damaged Basket 1500 HUF
    Lost / Damaged Bungee 500 HUF Lost / Damaged Panniers/Bags 9000 HUF
    Lost Key 1500 HUF