Our Story

Best Bike Company a small enterprise offering bicycle rental service was founded in 2009. The idea of starting was quite straightforward, since we use our own bikes a lot, and we are convinced that this is the simplest means of transportation and a good opportunity for the whole family to have some fun. Our business has been growing since 2009. In the beginning we only offered a rental service in Budapest, later we started our own bicycle repair shop. Our unique "Home to Home" service has also been started. This service ensures the transportation of the bicycles rented by our coustomers and also of the ones needed to be repaired in all areas of Budapest. In 2015 we started our first Balaton centered bicycle rental service in the harbor of Badacsony and added further "pick-up" stops around the lake this year. From Badacsony all the way until the city of Fonyód the transportation of the rented bicycles is provided throughout whole week. Also in 2015 we made our next step by expanding our service with guided city and private tours. At the same time we moved to our new office and bicycle repair shop in the heart of Budapest. In 2016 we opened a brand new shop at Tárnok city.